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Must See Matches from WWWF 1976-1979

On our YouTube channel we have recently posted some classic must-see matches from the WWWF/WWF Madison Square Garden events between 1976 to 1979. Please see the video footage for each match below.

WWWF Championship Steel Cage Match: Bruno Sammartino vs. Stan Hansen – 7th August 1976 – Madison Square Garden

Bruno defends the WWWF Championship against the big Texan Stan Hansen inside the confines of a 15ft Steel Cage.

Kevin Sullivan vs. Bruiser Brody – 7th August 1976 – Madison Square Garden

A young Kevin Sullivan takes on Bruiser Brody in what would be Bruiser’s first televised WWWF match.

Andre the Giant, Chief Jay Strongbow and Billy White Wolf vs. Bruiser Brody and the Executioners – 25th October 1976 – Madison Square Garden

In a rare match, Andre the Giant and Bruiser Brody clash in six-man tag team action. This would be the only time in the WWWF territory that the two big men would meet.

Texas Death Match: Ken Patera vs. Bruno Sammartino – 29th August 1977 – Madison Square Garden

Former champion Bruno Sammartino battles Ken Patera in a brutal and bloody Texas Death Match.

WWWF Championship: Superstar Billy Graham vs. Dusty Rhodes – 26th September 1977 – Madison Square Garden

Only a few months into his reign, Billy Graham faces a tough challenge in Dusty Rhodes for the WWWF Championship

WWWF Championship Texas Death Match: Superstar Billy Graham vs. Dusty Rhodes – 24th October 1977 – Madison Square Garden

In a huge return match, Dusty Rhodes battles Billy Graham in a brutal Texas Death Match with the aim of clinching the WWWF Title from the Superstar’s grasp.

NWF Heavyweight Title Match: Antonio Inoki vs. The Great Hussein Arab – 17th December 1979 – Madison Square Garden

New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Antonio Inoki defends his NWF Heavyweight belt against The Great Hussein Arab (The Iron Sheik) at the Garden in December 1979.

WWF Championship Texas Death Match: Bob Backlund vs. Bobby Duncum – 17th December 1979 – Madison Square Garden

WWF Champion Bob Backlund goes up against “Big Bad” Bobby Duncum in a bloody Texas Death Match for the gold.

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title Match: Harley Race vs. Dusty Rhodes – 17th December 1979 – Madison Square Garden

Dusty Rhodes look to claim the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship once again against champion Harley Race under the WWF banner at the Garden.

Hulk Hogan vs. Ted DiBiase – 17th December 1979 – Madison Square Garden

Before their battles in the Golden era of the WWF, Hulk Hogan faces Ted DiBiase in a one-on-one encounter at the end of 1979.

NWA North American Tag Team Titles Title Match: Riki Choshu & Seiji Sakaguchi vs Allen Coage & Joe Joe Andrews – 17th December 1979 – Madison Square Garden

Again, NJPW invades the WWF as Riki Choshu and Seiji Sakaguchi defends their NWA North American tag belts against ‘Bad News’ Allen Coage and Joe Joe Andrews.

WWF Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Johnny Rivera – 17th December 1979 – Madison Square Garden

In rare appearance in the States, the WWF Junior Heavyweight champion Tatsumi Fujinami arrives from Japan to defend the gold against Puerto Rican superstar Johnny Rivera.

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Source: WWE Network,, World Wrestling Entertainment

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